Tryst Coffee Shop Bar Restaurant

Tryst stands in the center of the nation’s capital, in stark contrast to the suburban culture and coffee chains that proliferate the country. No, our silverware doesn’t always match, and we don’t have 75 different kinds of pre-made caramel-nilla-frapp-a-ccino-supremas or 64 flavored vodka martinis. What we do have is outstanding, specialty coffee, craft cocktails and a commitment to being the city’s ‘third place’. The Greeks have tavernas; the French have cafes. DC has Tryst – a place that helps define ourselves and the community.


Tryst Coffee is outstanding specialty coffee that brings people together. We have a close a relationship with our roaster Counter Culture Coffee. They create great Direct Trade relationships with farmers to bring us the best varieties of coffees from amazing terroir that have been meticulously handled, processed and roasted. We, in turn, do everything we can to extract the best from these coffees and serve them fresh to you. Ultimately, it’s our goal to build a connection with you and get you to believe what we have all along – that coffee can provide the vehicle to create community while providing one of the great sensory experiences.